Family Camping Checklist

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Family Camping Checklist

Family camping is a great adventure for the whole family. Create a mobile holiday home and get you and the kids back out and into nature. There are a lot of items you need that are essential, some that are just handy and things you always forget so we have stepped in to help! Listed below are some items to enable a comfortable home away from home.

Family Camping Checklist

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  • The Family Tent – This is the main product you will need obviously! As picking your tent can be a minefield, we have written another blog here to help - Family Tents.
  • Tent Footprint - One of the best new additions you can get for your tent is a footprint/base groundsheet. Almost all family tents have specific footprints designed to fit under your tent to protect it, keep it clean and also help you position where the tent will be pitched. All our footprints are listed here - Summits Tent Footprints
  • Tent Carpet - Make your tent feel more like home by adding a soft touch. These carpets are durable, come in different sizes (depending on what size of tent you have) and help make your tent feel cosy - See a range of carpets here - Summits Tent Carpets
  • Sleeping Bags - Depending on where and when you go camping, make sure you have a sleeping bag that will be warm enough! When picking a sleeping bag make sure you go off of the brands 'Comfort rating' so you know what temperatures it is suitable for. Then just pick the style and size (the doubles are great for space) that suits you. See our range here - Family sleeping Bags
  • Pillows - Gone are the days when you bring a pillow from home or better yet roll up a jumper and stuff it under your head. Here at Summits, we have inflatable pillows. To make sure your valuable space isn't taken up during transit these pillows can be inflated once you reach your destination.  Vango Self inflating pillow
  • Airbed / Sleeping Mats – A good night sleep is very important especially on a family camping holiday. You don't want grumpy sleepy kids. These can range from the top end, super comfy mat - The Vango Shangri-la Double 10cm - or you can get a super deep airbed that helps keep you higher off the ground - Vango High-Rise Double Flocked Airbed
  • Air Pumps - Camping with an airbed, don't get caught short without one of these - Summits Air Pump
  • Camping Tables - It is frustrating trying to eat off your lap, or the floor. So think of a table - You can get combined chair and table sets like - Vango Orchard Table and Chair Set - or you can look at tables on their own like the Vango Alder Folding Table
  • Camping Chairs - Add the ultimate comfort with a chair that will allow you to forget the stresses of everyday life. You can look at the top end comfort chair - Vango Titan Camping Chair - but that might take up your whole boot! If that is the case then you can go for the smaller version - Vango Embrace Chair - or see that huge range of inflatable chair options - Summits Inflatable Furniture.
  • Lantern/lighting - Once the natural daylight disappears a good light will be your saviour. So make sure you bring one along like - Vango Spectrum 530 Lantern


  • Stove - For family camping, you will need a stove that will cater to lots of hungry mouths. For something compact, this Vango Blaze Double Cooker is very easy to use. If you are looking for something with a bit more power, the Vango Combi Grill Cooker has various temperature settings and two stoves for multi-pot cooking recipes.
  • Gas - Trangia Fuel Bottles
  • Plates/ Cutlery - Its important to bring correct camping plates and cutlery for a smooth camping experience. Your camping utensils need to be both lightweight and durable. You can shop through our wide variety of camping Cookware Here.
  • Pots/Pans - Cook up a storm out in the great outdoors. This Vango set has everything you need to prepare an outdoor feast. A compact lightweight set, with foldable handles - Vango Non-Stick Cook Kit.
  • Kitchen unit - The Vango Gastro DLX Camping Kitchen has a large tabletop for preparing meals, Simple to open and pack away, this feature-packed kitchen is a must-have on camping trips, with excellent storage space and built-in shelves. If that is too big, the Vango Bistro DLX Kitchen is more compact with lots of space.
  • Water Carrier – A water carrier will reduce the number of trips you need to make to the nearest tap (if there even is one close by). For a family camping trip, we would recommend a water carrier that holds at least 10 litres such as - Vango Water Carrier - 15 litre
  • Cool box/Bag - Keep those beers cold, and food of course with a - Yellowstone 25L Cool Bag
  • Tin Opener - If you are bringing tins don't forget your tin opener. Or save yourself the hassle and take some of our tasty pre-cooked meals. We have a large variety of camping food including vegan options.
  • Washing up bowl - A washing bowl will come in handy for both washing the dishes and any clothes needing to be cleaned. Try our All Purpose Soap which will work for both. It can be used on hair, body, the dishes, fabrics and even fresh food.
  • Tea towel/cloths


  • Midge Repellent Machine - Sprays are great but did you know you can now get a portable machine to help keep the bloodsuckers out your tent?! Check out the Thermacell range or just go straight to one of the best sellers - Thermacell Halo Mini
  • Midgie spray - Smidge Midge and Insect Repellent Spray
  • Repair Kit - Keep a repair kit handy for any unexpected tears in your tent - McNett Goretex Repair Kit
  • First Aid Kit - For all those accident-prone families this Lifesystems Camping First Aid Kit is designed for dealing with accidents that can happen when you are under canvas.
  • Brush - Keep your tent clean and tidy.
  • Earplugs - Just in case you have noisy neighbours, it's always handy to come prepared.

I hope this checklist will give you something to look forward to. Stay home, stay safe, better days are comings.

The Summits Team

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