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The Summits team is a close-knit hardworking group. That helped merge the business into what it is today. We regularly go on workday outings and plan to keep you updated on our shinanigans through our blog.... so keep your eyes peeled.

Beinn - Online Operations Manager

Beinn started with us as a dispatcher but has since grown within the business and is now in charge of clothing and footwear here at Summits. He is focused and hard-working, so with a vast variety of brands and styles, he keeps Summits up to date and in stock which is necessary with the seasonal changes.  

How long have you worked for summits?

I’ve worked here coming up for 5 years in August. 

What’s your role within summits?

After finishing my degree in Edinburgh in sport business management I looked to find a job in the big city to get me going. A friend of a friend told me about Summits and that was that. I started off picking and packing in a dusty warehouse in glasgow, and liked it so much that I ended up picking and packing in a dark attic in paisley! The following summer I returned to be the gaffer at the warehouse ensuring that me and the rest of the boys got all the tents and kit out on time for our customers over the busy summer months and when I returned to paisley after the summer warehouse stint, the long time shop manager and clothing buyer decided to move on. 

Wanting to progress within the business, I was promoted through to this role. And this is what I have been doing more of for the last 2 and a half years. As the online business has grown, I have taken more of a back step from being in our physical store in order to keep up with all the back office work needed. I go to trade shows a few times a year to look at what clothing and equipment we should stock is an enjoyable, although small, part of my job.

For the rest of the year I swap between managing listings, dealing with pricing, ensuring stock is coming in, and selling through alongside helping with other day to day tasks of running an online and shop retail business. It’s a small team so we have a certain degree of cross over to help out in all aspects of the business, something that keeps the job fresh (most of the time haha). 

Favourite thing about working for summits?

As it is a small team, we all know each other and get on well. That’s what makes it a good place to work, being part of a small and flexible team that help each other manage a decently balanced work and personal life.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I do a bit of everything from big outdoor walks with my fiancé, clamber up the odd Munro with my dad and his pals, a good bit of wild camping, can just about get down an icy hillside on a snowboard but all I really think about most of every day is riding my mountain bike. My colleagues must get sick of me talking about where I’ve been, a daft wee crash I’ve had, the next place I’m wanting to go, the World Cup race series that they have never heard about. But it is what I love and it is what I am most passionate about in life and we have such a wealth of trails right in our doorstep that I am spoilt for choice (Keep an eye on my Bike Trail Blogs).

As I have been here for a long time, I feel as though Alex and Justin have taken me under their wing so to speak and have helped me to understand the working of this kind of business in all aspects. Being a small and family run business means that you can adapt quickly to change and be very accommodating and this I think is what sets us apart. As well as being able to be competitively priced and have really great personal customer support.

Jo - Customer Service & Returns

Jo is our Customer sales advisor who goes over and above for all of our customers. Her cheerful personality leads to customers staying in-store and on the phone just to talk to her! She keeps us all entertained with her witty humour and if you have called us you might have had the pleasure of talking to her. 

How long have you worked for Summits?

I have worked at Summits for 2 years and 9 months.

Tell us a bit about your role within Summits?

More role can be varied but mainly customer service and returns.

Favourite things about working for summits?

I enjoy hearing our customer's stories about their adventure and helping them find the kit needed for their next one. I always enjoy learning in my job whether it be about new kit or expanding my knowledge withing my roles, I love the interaction I have with my fellow collegues they are like my second family.

What you enjoy doing in your free time?

Some of my hobbies include getting out on the water with my canoe, camping, wild and glamping. And heading off on walks.

Jamie - Sales Dispatch Manager

With our online sales growing, Jamie - our Sales Dispatch Manager - is vital in his role. He is driven and has good attention to detail which is essential when sorting out the vast range of products we have going out on a daily basis. Not only that but he gets along with anyone he meets which makes any of our seasonal temp-workers feel at ease when here.

How long have you worked for Summits?

I have worked for Summits for just over two years, and I wouldn't want to spend my next two years anywhere else.

What's your role within Summits?

To be honest, my job title probably changes day by day. Dispatch manager, online sales guru, conveyor of outdoors equipment, camping goods hero.

I only see myself as a man/genie who grants customers wishes by making sure they receive their goods on time (or earlier)!

Favourite thing about working for Summits?

The excellent team around of course.

Summits is not a shop or a store, it is a group of people dedicated to helping others in their pursuit of exploring the great outdoors!

Everyday there is a 'mountain' of work to be done, and we must work together to get through it. I could not ask for a better group of friends to be working with.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Pub in my spare time. I like to keep active, I keep fit by playing sports and working out, after walking home from a busy day at work I love to make a nice meal to sit down and enjoy.

I also love nothing more than spending time with my family, so after spending Monday - Friday with my Summits family, a Sunday pub lunch with the Campbell's is a perfect way to round off the week.

Anna - Customer Service Advisor

A dedicated member of our customer service. Anna doesn't leave any message unanswered and make sure she takes her time with any complicated enquiries. She is passionate about Scotland and loves to get out and explore, it means she always has stories to tell!

How long have you worked for summits? 

I have worked for the one and only Summits, AKA Scotland's best independent outdoor sports retailer for 7 awesome months!

What’s your role within summits?

I provide outdoor enthusiasts with outstanding customer service!

 Favourite thing about working for summits?

I enjoy working withing an amazing team and cracking stock!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Hiking and climbing! 

I love hiking, it gives me the greatest peace and joy. I love a challenge. Completed the three national three peak challenge in 22hours and 24mins. Tried to beat that time last September but unfortunately, our access to Scafel Pike was hindered so we were unable to complete the challenge! Gonna try again in early September this year... hopefully... I signed up for another go, not realising I was pregnant haha! So funnily enough, I was already carrying my wee baby up Ben Nevis and Mount Snowdon late last year! She’s already tanked two of our highest peaks so she really is Summits Tiniest member! 

Austyn - Logistics

With all of our orders being sent within 1 working day, we need an effective dispatch team where Austyn steps in. Committed to getting orders turned around and packed well we rely on the dispatch team to keep everything moving!

How long have you worked for summits?

I joined the Summits team in October 2019.

What’s your role within summits?

I do picking and packing for the online orders as well as stock control. 

 Favourite thing about working for summits?

Apart from working with a cracking bunch of folk, I got taken skiing for free! 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy DJing, climbing and the pub. 

My favourite outdoor sport is anything that involves getting cold and manky.

Jeffrey - Mannequinn

Last but not least is Jeffrey, who is our longest standing staff member. He has been with us for over 15 years.

He is a bit of a diva, he only dresses in the finest clobber and insists on being changed at least 6 times a year.

He's a very quiet and patient member of the Summits team, he is always around for a good chat.

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