Wild Camp on St Cyrus Beach

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Journey by train

I started my day with a visit to Glasgow Queen Street station, where I caught the 13:30 train to Montrose. The train journey proved to be one of the most comfortable trips I have ever experienced, offering exceptional views of the picturesque east coast. Upon reaching Montrose at 15:30, my initial intention was to hike to St Cyrus. However, upon arrival, the heavens had opened up, prompting me to opt for a 10-minute taxi ride instead. From the drop-off point in the parking lot, it was a leisurely 25-minute stroll down to the beach, offering me breathtaking vistas of the encompassing cliffs.

Upon arrival at St. Cyrus, I wasted no time. I pitched my trusty MSR Hubba Hubba tent, creating a cozy shelter for the upcoming night. With the tent ready, I laid out my sleeping bag and mat, ensuring a comfortable place to rest. After the quick setup, I took a moment to relax. I then got my stove and my cup at the ready for a lovely cup of tea, I gazed out in awe at the expansive sea view. The only thing missing was the presence of my beloved dog, a reminder of past camping trips. As evening descended, I gathered materials and skillfully built a cracking fire, adding warmth and a touch of camaraderie to the atmosphere.

Sand Hoppers from hell

  • Sand Hoppers came out
  • the beach began crawling
  • i could no longer sit at the fire
  • had to retire to my tent
  • sand hoppers began to crawl all over my tent

As the sun set and the evening unfolded, a fascinating natural phenomenon occurred – Sand Hoppers emerged from their hiding spots. These tiny creatures transformed the beach into a bustling hub of activity as they scuttled about. The once peaceful shoreline began to crawl with life, captivating my attention. The crackling fire, although inviting, had to take a backseat to this captivating display. Retreating to the shelter of my tent, I marvelled at the incredible sight as Sand Hoppers started to explore their way across the sand eventually, their curious journey led them to cover the surface of my tent, creating a spectacle that felt like a part of the wilderness itself had come to life.

Beautiful walk to Den Finella waterfall

  • loaded up camp, left tent to lighten my pack
  • walked through dunes
  • up hill past a beautiful wee house with a view ill always be jealous of.
  • 30 mins to waterfall, llimited parking once there though.
  • pic (important)
  • thank fuck theres a rope

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