Beinn's Bike Ride to Carron Valley

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Carron Valley Mountain Bike Trails

Solo bike ride to the Carron Valley mountain bike trails. After a few years off the mountain bike and settled into my first “proper” job after Uni I thought it’s probably time to sort my fitness out and get
back into a sport that I had been a big part of my life before Uni and parties took over!

These trails, although basic, are a great introduction to the sport of mountain biking. The reservoir less that an hour North East of Glasgow and up the rather interestingly named Tak Ma Doon Road behind Kilsyth feels as though you are the only person for miles around. There is a forest path that runs about half way around the loch and then a single track road completes it. There are some rolling hills around the loch, but if you are up for a bit more excitement then there is a short mountain bike loop here. There is nothing too steep but the tracks can be ridden fast for more experienced riders to have a bit more fun with.

The best thing about here is you can leave home, blast a couple laps of the tracks and get some proper fresh air and be home in 3 hours. Not bad.

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