Tent Additions

We have lots of extras and additions to ensure you get the most out of your tent. Create more space in your tent with a tent extension or create a cosy feel in your tent with a carpet.
Coghlan's Tent Pole Repair Kit
Vango Fibreglass King Pole Set 130cm
Vango Lauder 400 Tent Footprint
Vango PE Groundsheet 200x200cm
Vango Hogan Hub (Medium) Footprint - 280cm x 280cm
Vango Hudson/Amalfi 400 Tent Footprint - 490cm x 260cm
Vango Nevis 100 and Cairngorm 100 Groundsheet Protector - GP504
Force Ten (F10) Helium 1 UL Groundsheet Protector - GP509
Outwell Newburg 160 Awning Tent Footprint
Vango Hogan Hub (Large) Footprint - 350cm x 350cm
Vango Tryfan 300 Groundsheet Protector - GP536 (Lightweight Footprint)
Vango Kaveri 500 Tent Footprint
Vango Amalfi / Applewood / Hudson 500XL Tent Footprint - 600cm x 320cm
Vango Helvellyn 300 Groundsheet Protector - GP521 (Lightweight Footprint)
Vango Nevis, Apex Compact and Cairngorm 300 Groundsheet Protector - GP506
Wild Country Coshee  Micro/ 1 Tent Footprint
Vango Halo Pro 300 Groundsheet Protector - GP519 (Lightweight Footprint)
Vango Scafell 300 Groundsheet Protector - GP531
Force Ten (F10) Helium 2  UL Groundsheet Protector (Footprint) - GP510
Vango Universal Carpet 130x300 cm - CP002
Wild Country Zephyros 2/ Zephyros 2 Compact Tent Footprint
Vango Galaxy 300 Groundsheet Protector - GP517 - Lightweight Footprint
MSR Universal Tent Footprint 1 Regular
Wild Country Hoolie 2/Compact 2 Tent Footprint
Wild Country  Zephyros 1/ Compact/Lite Tent Footprint
Wild Country Trisar 2D Footprint
Wild Country Helm 2/Helm Compact 2 Tent Footprint
Terra Nova Starlite 1 Tent Footprint
Outwell Woodcrest Awning Footprint
Vango Trek Tarp
Vango Stargrove 11 450 Groundsheet Protector (Footprint) - GP109
Vango Universal Tent Carpet 230 x 210cm - CP005
Wild Country Coshee 3 Tent Footprint
Outwell Lindale 5PA Footprint
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