Reasons to book a Family Camping Staycation Holiday

Reasons to book a Family Camping Staycation Holiday

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So you want to stay in the UK this year? Let us explain why it can be better than going abroad!

1. Camping is flexible

If the weather is looking good, then just grab your kit and go! The UK has a huge amount of campsites. Plus if you live in Scotland - or can travel there - then a vast amount of land to wild camp.

Travel at your own pace. Without the rush of catching that flight and checking in before the hotel shuts, make the holiday suit your schedule more!

2. Family camping is affordable

Once you have invested in your camping kit, you can go on as many holidays as you want a year. The main thing you will want to invest in is a good quality family camping tent that comfortably fits you and the family. You can re-use this time and time again. The saving on accommodation means you can pick it up and go on holiday at any given time. Or why not extend your 1-week camping holiday to 3 weeks. There is no 11am check out time when you choose to do a family camping trip.

Family camping holiday . Family tent with camping essentials for a staycation holiday.

3. Choose various camping locations

Have a trip that takes you to multiple locations without the expense of switching hotel. Decided you have had enough of looking at the beautiful coastal beach views and want a change of scenery? Choose your next destination, pack up the tent and head off. It’s that easy!

4. Eat in or Eat out

Saving money on the hotel and flights might mean you splash out and get a chippy or swing by the local restaurant. However, another bonus of camping is you can bring a kitchen with you! When you choose to do a family camping holiday you can dine under the stars any night. Get the bbq out on the beach or pick up a great cooker like the Vango Combi Grill Cooker to whip up a delicious dinner.  With camping kitchens becoming popular, it isn't hard to set up your new kitchen with a good view. Get the kids involved let them help prepare and cook or afterwords just let them toast some marshmallows over the campfire.

Fun activaties to do while on your family staycation holiday.

5. Have fun when Camping !

A lot of us here at Summits love remembering childhood family camping trips. All over Scotland - in all sorts of weather. Remember to bring the board games, card games, beach toys and bikes if you have them. It does make for holidays you will remember and hopefully encourage lots more to come.

While lockdown is still on and none of us are going anywhere, camping in the garden will have to do in the meantime. However now is the time to plan and prepare, have a look at our Family Camping Checklist blog or our adventure map for some inspiration on places to visit.

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