The Aonach Eagach Ridge by Moonlight - One of my all-time favourites.

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Sunset On The Aonach Eagach Ridge
Sunset On The Aonach Eagach Ridge

We're at the time for full moon adventures - when darkness starts to come earlier and earlier and the moon grows fuller and fuller. Late summer into Autumn is my favourite time for climbing hills by moonlight.

Aonach Eagach Ridge

My favourite moonlit walk is the Aonach Eagach Ridge. Always a sublime experience as the light from the moon is always present. From my first traverse more than 40 years ago when there was a visit from the Aurora Borealis, to my most recent in 2021 when we experienced a cloud inversion, a lightning storm in the clouds and a visit from some mad-eyed goats.

When I started climbing the Scottish hills, I hung out with guys who found hillwalking and climbing at night more interesting than the normal 9 to 5! And so I found my first traverse of the Ridge was a thru the night excursion, surprised that the light from the moon was, for most of it, all that was needed.

The Traverse

Most people would want to traverse the ridge in daylight before tackling it at night - and I would wholeheartedly agree even though I did it the other way around! It's very narrow in places and you need to use your hands for quite long sections.

I prefer to traverse the ridge east to west and I always finish with a bivy on the last top just to savour the sunrise. There's plenty of soft springy grass at the west end. Nae pub tho!

Just remember you will need transport at both ends of the ridge. Parking is never a problem at night. Hitch-hiking is not as easy as it used to be and it's a long walk back if you don't have a lift.

Kit check

My kit check is easy enough. Normal clothing for a day walk including hat and gloves. But if you decide to bivy then the following would be worth considering -

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