Vango's New Eco Friendly Earth Collection

Vango's New Eco Friendly Earth Collection

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The Vango Earth Collection is a selection of new eco-friendly camping gear, entirely made up of recycled plastic bottles. Vango is a very environmentally friendly company, all their products are all about enjoying the outdoors. Above all, they have always been very environmentally aware of making their products eco-friendly. Throughout the last 50 years, Vango has been up-cycling and recycling their camping products. Using their service and repair department. More importantly, they have now launched a new eco-friendly range. This includes a range of camping gear.

Summits Outdoor is very excited to be stocking a few pieces from the Earth collection. The new eco-friendly range should be with us by mid-April. To be notified straight, make sure you are signed up for our newsletter.

Vango Danu Hub - Earth Collection

The Vango Danu Hub is a spacious event shelter/ gazebo which provides a great outdoor space for socialising and relaxation.

Vango Danu Hub from the Vango Earth Collection.

It has the same strength and durability as the non-eco version; The Vango Hogan Hub Event Shelter Gazebo. It has a 70 denier flysheet making it very waterproof. The PowerFlex® fibreglass pole ensures great structure and gives the gazebo lots of height and headspace.

Some great features included in this tent:

  • Integrated mesh windows - This allows ventilation to flow throughout the event shelter.
  • Made from 131 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Easy clip waterproof groundsheet and removable door.

Vango Osiris 500

The Vango Osiris 500 is a five-man tent. This family tent is created from 144 recycled plastic bottles. It comes with many high-spec features you would find in a more premium tent. Therefore, making this environmentally friendly tent great value for money.

The Vango Osiris 500 tent has many great features similar to the Vango Iris 500. In addition, the Vango Osiris 500 tent has a raised canopy door which prevents rain from dripping into the living area.

Other features:

  • A mini canopy can be created by extending out the front door.
  • The tent has nightfall bedrooms ensuring you don’t wake up too early in the morning.
  • A flexible doorstep which can be lowered to ground level to prevent trips.
  • The family tent has a diamond clear window to create a light and airy living area, these windows have privacy curtains.

Eco Friendly Sleeping Bag

Summits are also stocking two sleeping bags from the eco Earth collection. The Era Double Sleeping bag and the Evolve Superwarm Double Sleeping bag, both of these are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Era Double Sleeping Bag

The Era double is a 2 season sleeping bag with a comfort level of
9°. In addition the Sleeping bag has an integrated headrest included and it has a single-layer stitch construction which distributes the filling around evenly.

Era Double Sleeping Bag

Evolve Superwarm Double Sleeping Bag

The evolve super warm double is a 3 season sleeping bag with a comfort level of 7°. This sleeping bag includes a double-layer construction. Most importantly the sleeping bag includes an integrated headrest for extra comfort and warmth.

Environmentally Friendly Team

We at Summits are outdoor enthusiasts, therefore are very passionate about doing our bit for the environment. We try to help as often as we can. In addition to our regular hikes, the team at Summits brings along empty bags and picks up any litter we find on our travels.

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