Top 5 Best Beaches in Scotland

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Visit the Best Beaches in Scotland

Scotland has some of the most stunning beaches with white sand and clear turquoise waters. You would easily mistake some of Scotland's best beaches for a beach in the Caribbean.

As there are countless amounts of beautiful beaches dotted around Scotlands coastline, we decided to compile it down to five of our favourite beaches.

Next day you have a free day, pack up the car and go an explore these mini Scottish paradises.

Sango Bay in Durness

Sango Bay is known for the winding stairs that lead to a spectacular viewpoint of Sango Bay. Also, know as a stairway to heaven.

Sango Bay Viewpoint

Durness is a great place to visit with the family. There is a campsite joined onto the beach - Sango Sands which was nominated as on the Times Top 10 campsites in the UK. The artisan chocolatier Cocoa Mountain and the famous Smoo Cave is located only a mile away.

Luskentyre Beach in Harris

Lusketntyre beach is located on the west coast of south harris. This tranquil beach with its white sandy beach and turquiose waters is a firm favourite with Summits Team.

If your lucky enough you may even be able to spot the two white ponies that roam the beach. They belong to a family that live near by and have increasingly become famous attraction for the beach. A photographers dream , the white ponies are happy to have their photo taken.

Take a hike up Ben Luskentyre and take in the breathtaking views of Luskentyre Beach.

View from Ben Luskentyre overlooking one of Scotlands best beaches.
Ben Luskentyre

If you are a gin lover, then Isle of Harris Gin distilery is located around 50 minutes away.

Loch Morlich - Cairngorms

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Loch Morlich is a freshwater beach in Scotland. This beach has lots of activities to keep you entertained if you ever tire of those beautiful views.

There is a beach Trail which will take you 1 hour or if you walk around the full loch which will take you 2 hours.

Don't forget to bring along your wetsuits, there are lots of watersport activities available here including kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding.

Camusdarach Beach

Camusdarach Beach is regularly on the list of the world's best beaches. This gorgeous beach has amazing views of Skye which is only a short ferry ride away. The beach was made famous due to the filming of the Local Hero film.

Camusdarach beach is regularly of the list of the worlds best beaches.

Achmelvich Beach

This is another great beach . Perfect to do some bird watching, if you are lucky you may even be able to spot a dolphin or even a minke whale.

Instagram @wilsiano_282

There is a single road track that leads up to this beach. It has a campsite and youth hostel located nearby.

You can check out the smallest castle in Europe - Hermit’s Castle. The castle was built in the 1950's and is only 10m squared. The castle is located a short walk from Achmelvich beach.

Hermit’s Castle located beside alchmelvich beach.
Hermit’s Castle

Keep our Beaches Beautiful

We hope you enjoy exploring the many beaches Scotland has to offer. Please remember to take away any rubbish with you and keep our beaches beautiful.

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